Refilling pumps

Refilling pumps

Refilling of central lubrication systems

Situation today

Lubrication points are often placed on hard to reach, narrow positions. Often these can only be reached through tight hatches. Mobility for maintenance personnel is extremely limited.


The manual greasing of these points is very time and strength consuming. Also the refilling of existing central lubrication systems, which become bigger and bigger, is challenging. With existing systems, the grease has to be filled manually from 400 gram cartridges. In both cases, due to the frequent change of cartridges, there is a high risk of contamination and air introduction which may cause a breakdown of the whole lubrication system.

Mobile Barrel pumps are often inconvenient to use. This comes from their high weight and large, bulky construction. Handling and transportation are difficult. Also there is a high risk of contamination.

The solution

The compact filling pumps together with the WinSoCon cartridges offer an economic, resource saving and environmentally friendly solution to these problems.