Lubrication gearwheels

Lubrication gearwheels

Relubrication of open gears

„lubrication gearwheels“ save the medium and apply it continuously on the gear rims. With the use of lubrication gearwheels for the optimal lubricant supply, wear and corrosion on open gears can be minimized.

Foam – WinSoCon material makes the difference

The WinSoCon foam is comparable to a thickener in grease: Due to its three-dimensional, open celled structure, the foam can save up to 75% of its own weight. Thus the even and permanent supply of a fresh grease film on the gear rim is ensured. Moreover the grease film is continuously renewed. Big pores enable the foam to save high volumes of medium by keeping the materials elasticity.

Individually manufactured lubrication gearwheels

The size of the lubrication gearwheel is customized by the combination of individual segments. The grease is lead into the gearwheel through the axis. Radial drills spread the grease over the width. Channels that are radially drilled into the foam, lead the grease to the lubrication gearwheels surface, on which it is spread to a uniform film.

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Lubrication gearwheel

Lubricating gears for transferring an even, thin film of lubricant to the drive pinions at pitch and azimuth.

  • Avoidance of over-lubrication
  • Open-cell foam for storing and transferring the lubricant
  • Avoidance of premature wear due to insufficient lubrication
  • Formation of a full, even and thin lubricating film on the tooth flanks of the drive pinions
  • Significant reduction in used grease and the associated excessive pollution of the environment

Alternative lubricant transmission systems on request

  • Modular in terms of transfer and material design
  • Adaptation to any gear geometry possible
  • Any heights customized
  • Can be attached to an existing drilling pattern
  • Easily rotatable
  • The number of lubricant carriers can be adjusted
  • Can be used passively and actively
Alternative lubricant transmission systems for your wind turbine on request


Alternative lubricant transmission systems for your wind turbine on request