Kx - the smart system solution for clean lubricant handling

Environmentally friendly and careful use of resources is becoming increasingly important in all areas of life. In order to make the refilling process even safer and easier, WinSoCon has developed the smart cartridge system Kx, which is suitable for adaptation to centralized lubrication systems (ZSA) and for direct lubrication with the aid of suitable cartridges and a wide range of lubricating greases. Our system takes into account the holistic approach or the entire life spectrum of the product and also helps to increase productivity and thus reduce costs. In addition to reducing the ecological footprint, the risk of errors is reduced and plant safety is also increased many times over.

Sustainable recycling system
<1% remaining residual quantity; 100% utilization of the procured / used lubricant.
Plastic made from recycled material or ocean waste plastic
Without air and dirt ingress
Easy handling

Our grease collection bottles

Our grease collection bottles are small cartridges, which are designed as a used grease collection system. They are mounted empty on the outlets of the bearings and collect the used grease. During maintenance, the used grease is removed from the cartridge and the emptied cartridge is remounted on the bearing. The grease collection bottles are available in different sizes from approx. 100-900 ml and with customized interface to the bearing.

Product benefits

Function and system design
  • Follower piston loss-proof due to stop ring
  • No venting of the K900 required
  • On the one hand, the stop ring forms the rear stop so that the follower piston does not fall out and, on the other hand, it enables easy emptying
  • Cartridge body of the K900 is a one-piece unit: no individually screwed together components that represent possible weak points in the tightness of the system
Environmental protection
  • Resource-saving and environmentally friendly, as only the "used" grease has to be disposed of
  • The grease is collected in the K900 system separately from the plastic bottle (for example in a used grease bucket)
  • Only the used fat is actually "waste" - waste reduction through sorted disposal
  • Version 1: Pressing out by applying a force to the follower piston
  • Version 2: The stop ring is removed without tools, the follower piston is removed and the grease can be taken out (for example with a spatula)
Reusable container
  • The K900 cartridge can be used as a reusable container or is specially designed for emptying them and thus differs significantly from existing disposable systems
  • None of the K900 components need to be replaced after draining. All components are reusable
Handling / Assembly
  • Adapter is provided with wrench flats for easy assembly/disassembly