To provide a tailored solution for all needs, WinSoCon offers an extensive modular system with lubrication and sensor equipment to suit each customer’s requirement best.

Starting with single components shown in the modular system, till complete solutions with control unit and remote monitoring – whatever you decide for, we are at your side as a competent partner.

We offer a comprehensive package – quick. clean. simple.

Products for optimal service

Consulting and Engineering

WinSoCon offers competent consultancy regarding system design, lubricants, bearing diagnostics and analytics and shows how to increase the turbines productivity. We take care of your individual problem and develop tailor-made, service-friendly products... read more

Refilling pumps

The refilling of central lubrication systems is a time-consuming and error-prone process. For the trouble-free operation of central lubrication systems, the dirt- and air-free refilling with fresh grease is a requirement... read more

Lubrication gearwheels

WinSoCon lubrication gearwheels are the optimal solution for the thin, accurate application of grease on open gears... read more


To realize the refilling process even simpler and safer, WinSoCon offers cartridges in different sizes, filled with various greases for the refilling and grease pumps. This safes a lot of time and costs during the maintenance work, reduces the risk of errors and increases the turbines operational safety many times over. We also offer an adaptation of our cartridges directly to the central lubrication systems... read more

Progressive distributors

WinSoCon progressive distributors are the optimal solution for the safe and precise distribution of grease as well as for the reliable supervision of the whole system... read more

Grease pumps

Depending on your application, WinSoCon offers innovative solutions for reliable and precise lubrication. WinSoCon offer grease pumps from 400 ml to 60 liter... read more